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The Centre Bell can be configured into many different venues, covering every possible kind and size of show, from an intimate 2,000 seat operatic performance to a full-blown rock and roll concert. To make this work so effectively the Centre Bell has installed a revolutionary multi-million dollar curtaining system consisting of six miles of floor to ceiling black fabric. The curtains are attached to a technical grid and rolling transoms high above the floor and adjusted to fit the requirements of each show or event.

The positioning of the curtains improves the ambiance and sound of any show and the whole set-up takes about an hour. In addition the moveable super grid will support up to 75 tons of lighting sound and video equipment.

Moveable sections of seats at floor level allow easy access for equipment to the staging area. This gets rave reviews from the road crews since it's only a short haul from the indoor parking bay to center stage and to the ground level hallways where there is plenty of room to store all traveling road cases during a concert.

The Centre Bell has enough power and lights to fire up a small city. There are also plenty of dressing rooms, hospitality suites, food and beverage facilities, a full media and broadcast center, on-site security, well-trained local union workers, and enough additional equipment and technical support to handle almost any request.

Full Capacity - 15,000 seats
While the Centre Bell can seat over 21,000 fans for an NHL hockey game or a sports event full capacity for a major concert is approximately 15,000 seats.

Amphitheatre - 10,000 to 14,000 seats
The Amphitheatre sets the stage for a more intimate show but still with major star power. This configuration uses the regular seating sections but a smaller part of the floor surface.

Theatre - 5,000 to 9,000 seats
The Theatre setup creates an intimate concert hall that allows the performer close contact with the audience.

Hemicycle - 2,000 to 3,500 seats
The Hemicycle uses a cut down version of the regular seating sections and is ideal for recitals, one-man shows, acoustic performances, or corporate events and presentations.

AMM (Mixed Martial Arts) - 16,000 to 19,000 seats

NBA - 20,000 seats

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