About Us

The Tecumseh Soccer Club is a not-for-profit organization in the province of Ontario, Canada. The Club was formed in 1999 with the merging of the Tecumseh Soccer Club and the North Shore Soccer Club that existed within Tecumseh, thus bringing together the competitive and recreational programs.

Mission: The TSC is committed to lead the development, promotion and administration of the game of soccer while providing quality service, communication and education to our members.

Vision: To be a highly recognised and respected soccer club in our town, district and province which develops our members to the best of their ability while exhibiting sporting values and integrity and maintaining community identity.

Values: The Values of the Tecumseh Soccer Club are to ensure or to foster:

  • Safety, health and wellness
  • Sense of family and community
  • Development over results
  • Respect for all our members
  • Effective communication
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